SU Organises Short Term Virtual Course on “Research Interests in Pure & Applied Sciences”

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SU Organises Short Term Virtual Course on “Research Interests in Pure & Applied Sciences”

School of Pure & Applied Sciences, Sabarmati University organizing One Week Virtual Short-Term Course on “Research Interests in Pure & Applied Sciences” between 15th to 19th November 2021.

About the Program

Pure science involves the study of natural phenomena to understand and develop scientific theories that can be explained without the consideration of major applications, On other hand, Applied science is the discipline of sciences that utilizes scientific information to develop practical solutions to specific problems assisting in other disciplines of science and technology for various aspects. Pure science generates better tools for applied
science that can be utilized to solve problems. Hence both the fields are creating fundamental as well as advanced platforms that benefit to understand the world in a better way.
The main aim of the Short term course is to bring together leading academicians, scientists, and research scholars to nurture and sustain an academic ambiance, to exchange their research ideas, to learn new technologies that are useful in pure and applied sciences. This course will also provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators of pure and applied sciences along with related disciplines to understand and identify the latest
thrust areas of research in sciences. The audience will be benefitted from talks from experts to understand several software and their applications that will help them to make familiar with the current developments in requisite ideas for research publication and patents.

Topics to be Covered:

  • Singularity Theory |
  • Applications of Graph Theory |
  • Symmetries and laws of conservation |
  • Nano-Sciences and its applications |
  • Application of MATLAB in Sciences |
  • Computational Techniques on soft computing to quantum computing |
  • Organometallic Chemistry |
  • Cancer Biology |
  • Multifunctional Materials and its Applications

Important Notes & Guidelines to Join the Course


Sabarmati University
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Ognaj (Ahmedabad)
Gujarat -382481.