Disability Awareness Program By Sabarmati University

Disability Awareness Program
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Disability Awareness Program By Sabarmati University

DISABILITY AWARENESS PROGRAMMEPankaj Vidhyalay, Gulbai Tekra 27-12-2023

Introduction: Sabarmati University organized a Disability Awareness Programme on December 27, 2023, at Pankaj Vidhyalay, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad. The event aimed to promote awareness, understanding, and inclusivity regarding disabilities, and it included a compelling skit performance titled “Hum Kisise Kam Nahi” by the Human Foundation team.

Programme Highlights:

Opening Session:

The event began with an opening session where representatives from Sabarmati University shared the objectives and importance of fostering an inclusive environment. They highlighted the significance of understanding and supporting individuals with disabilities in creating a harmonious and diverse community.

Interactive Workshops:

Several interactive workshops were conducted, covering various aspects of disabilities. These workshops were designed to educate and sensitize students, teachers, and parents about the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and offered practical insights into creating inclusive spaces.

Skit Performance – “Hum Kisise Kam Nahi”:

A highlight of the programme was the skit performance titled “Hum Kisise Kam Nahi” by the talented team from the Human Foundation. The skit portrayed real-life situations, challenges, and triumphs of individuals with disabilities. It effectively conveyed the message of inclusivity, breaking stereotypes, and recognizing the abilities of every individual, regardless of their physical or cognitive differences.

Q&A and Panel Discussion:

The programme concluded with a Q&A session and a panel discussion, allowing participants to engage with speakers, share their thoughts, and seek clarifications. This interactive segment facilitated meaningful conversations and provided a platform for addressing queries related to disabilities.


The Disability Awareness Programme organized by Sabarmati University at Pankaj Vidhyalay was a comprehensive and impactful initiative. The combination of workshops, a powerful skit performance by the Human Foundation team, guest speakers, and interactive sessions contributed to creating a more informed and empathetic community. The event successfully promoted awareness and understanding, encouraging individuals to actively contribute to building an inclusive society that celebrates the diverse abilities of every person.