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Parent Awareness Program
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Parent Awareness Program, Navajeevan Charitable Trust

Parent Awareness Program : 28/12/2023

Sabarmati University had organised several programs to create awareness in the community regarding disability rehabilitation.  As part of this initiative we had conducted various programs including awareness programs, institutional visits etc. As part of these initiatives we conducted an awareness program for parents of children with disabilities.  The event was organized on 28/12/2023 at Navajeevan Charitable Trust.  Faculty members including Dr. Anjali Shah, Dr. Jeet Dholakia, Mr. Bhavik Ramani, Ms Laxmi Tiwari and Mr. Bhuvanendran V B participated at the event. The faculty members interacted with the children with disabilities. During the event 74 children and adult persons with disabilities were present. 

Sabarmati University had donated 90 gift packs for the children with disabilities and their parents. Awareness program for the parents was focused on need of the right based approach. Topics like various government welfare schemes, pension and challenges of the parents were discussed. The employability of the adult with disability and barrier free environment was another topic of discussion.  Registering in the Aadhar Card was raised as one of the major concern for the parents. The children due to their physical condition were not able to give their thumb and retinal impression correctly. This is becoming a big issue in the registration of Aadhar card. And without Aadhar card they are not able to open bank account.  The pension scheme is designed to reach directly to the beneficiary. Due to lack of Aadhar card lot of children are not able to avail pension benefits.  This is one of pivotal issue came up during our visit.

The visit was very inspirational and provides us a better understating about the concerns and challenges in the field of disability rehabilitation. The parents and the management expressed their gratitude toward the Sabarmati University.

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