Sabarmati University Yoga Day Celebration 2022

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Sabarmati University Yoga Day Celebration 2022

(Formerly, Calorx Teachers’ University)
 International Yoga Day Celebration 2022
21st June 2022

8th International Yoga day was celebrated by the Students and the Faculty members of Sabarmati University on 21st June 2022 with great enthusiasm under the observance of आजादी का अमृत महोत्सव. Prof. (Dr.) Parshuram Dhaked, Dean Academics and Prof. (Dr.) Varun Bajpai, Dean International Affairs also participated in the celebration.

The function began with a brief introduction of Yoga Day by Dean Academics which included discussion on different Yog Asanas and their benefits in day-to-day life. A brief introduction of the guest, Shri. Nilesh Jadav, Yoga trainer, was given by Mrs. Abha Vyas. The Chief guests were felicitated by Dean International Affairs respectively. It was followed by warm up exercises and then practice of various Yog Asanas.

The asanas included Tadasana (centers our body and mind, which helps create a calm sense of inner peace), Padmasana (beneficial for keeping your mind calm and composed), Vajrasana (helps our digestive system in many ways) and paschimottanasana (helps calming our mind and relieving stress, this pose stretches our spine, shoulders, and hamstrings).

Different pranayams were practiced which included Anulom –  Vilom (calms our mood, helps in anger management, and improves our focus), Bhastrika (improves digestion., Removes blockages from the nose and chest) and Kapalbhati (strengthens the functions of the liver and kidneys).  The function ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Rupam Mishra.

Glimpses of Yoga Day Event 2022