Report On Blood Donation Camp & Thalassemia Camp 21th March 2024

A Report on Blood Donation Camp March 2024
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Report On Blood Donation Camp & Thalassemia Camp 21th March 2024

A Blood donation Camp was organized by School of Pharmacy Sabarmati University on 21th March 2024. It is a way of Sabarmati University in bringing a ray of hope to contribute to the serious problems of acutes shortage of blood. India faces a blood shortage of 3 million units. The problem can be addressed if an additional two percent of Indians donate blood, as opened by the Health experts.

We need 12 million units of blood every year but just about nine million units are being donated. Our University has been religiously organizing blood donation & Thalassemia camps every year and students and the faculty members come forward voluntarily to donate blood. Blood donation can save lives of innumerable persons. Donation of blood is very critical and crucial for saving lives many patients and those who have met with accidents. It is as such a great service or contribution to the society and people living in it.

A team of doctors and nurses of Prathama Blood Centre came for collection of blood. About 30 volunteers including students and staff of the university had volunteered for donating blood. A Certificate of appreciation, donation card, refreshment and a token of respect was given to each donor as a token of gratitude.

Blood Donation Camp at SU March 2024

Objectives of Blood Donation Camp

  • To collect blood units but also to make students aware about blood and its benefits.
  • It was an effort to motivate students to come forward and donate for this noble cause.
  • First time donors need to be encouraged so that once the initial hesitation/ fear goes away, the donor will look forward to such camps in near future too.
  • To help anyone, in case of any requirement for blood.

Glimpses of this Blood Donation Camp