orientation program for new coming students

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orientation program for new coming students

Sabarmati University organised orientation program for new coming students on 3rd September 2022 (Saturday). The programme was conducted in hall#1on 3rd September 2022 to make new students aware of the different department’s concerned faculties and rules and regulations of the University. The programme schedule and duty list is hereby attached for reference. All-over anchoring was done by Mr. Aniket Parmar (Assistant Professor, English). For reference the program schedule and selected photographs are attached herewith.



Orientation Schedule and Duty list on 3rd September 2022

Winter Semester | 10 am – 11:30 am


Sr. No. Event Name Timings
Light Lamping – Saraswati Vandana Dr. Vijayalakshmi Pandey 10 am-10:05 am
Welcome to new students Registrar and Dean Academics 10:05 am -10:15am
About the University Dr. Vishal Gupta 10:15 am-10:25 am
About the Departments Dr. Rachna Mishra 10:35 am-10:45 am
About Anti- ragging Dr. Mukta Agarawal 10:25 am-10:35am
About University Transport Facility Mr. Aniket Parmar 10:45 am
Open mic for students ……………………. 10:45 am onwards
Department of Computer Applications& Informative Sciences Dr. Mukta Agarawal Room # 001
Department of Commerce and Management Dr. Anshul Rajawat Room # 002
Department of Education Dr. Rachna Mishra Room # 003
Department of Sciences Dr. Vijayalakshmi Pandey

Ms. Dhara Patel

Chemistry Lab (Ground Floor)
Department of Humanities Social Sciences Dr. Krishna Chetty

Dr. Meghna Dey

Room # 101
Department of Indian Languages & Literature Dr. Pratima Rai Room # 102
Department of Law Dr. Uday Deshpandey

Ms. Nancy Jain

Room # 103
Vote of Thanks Ms. Ekta Mehta 11:30 am
Group Photo graphs Mr. Vinas Koshti 11:30 am – 11: 35 am
Refreshments Mr. Saurabh 11:35 am onwards