FRESHER’S PARTY 2023 18/09/2023

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FRESHER’S PARTY 2023 18/09/2023

FRESHER’S PARTY 2023 18/09/2023


Sabarmati University welcomed its newest members with great enthusiasm and style at the Freshers’ Party organized by the student body on 18th September 2023. The event, held at the exquisite Fires & Flames Banquet and Discotheque, provided an opportunity for students to break the ice, make new friends, and create cherished memories as they embarked on their academic journey.

Event Highlights:

1. Warm Welcome:

The event commenced at 2:00 PM with a warm welcome by the organizing committee. Students were greeted with smiles and festive decorations as they entered the venue, setting a vibrant tone for the evening.

2. Energetic Music and Dance:

Fires & Flames Banquet and Discotheque came alive with pulsating music that got everyone grooving on the dance floor. A talented DJ played an eclectic mix of tracks, catering to diverse musical tastes and ensuring a lively atmosphere throughout the event.

3. Interactive Games:

To foster interaction among the students, several interactive games were organized. These games, including icebreakers and team-building activities, helped newcomers connect with their peers and mentors. Prizes were awarded to the winners, adding a competitive yet fun element to the party.

4. Dance Performances:

Students showcased their dancing skills with captivating performances. Solo, duet, and group dance routines left the audience in awe and added a touch of glamour to the evening.

5. Delicious Cuisine:

A sumptuous buffet was served, featuring a wide range of cuisines to cater to varying palates. The food was appreciated by all, with attendees relishing both local and international dishes.

6. Photo Booth and Memorabilia:

A photo booth was set up for students to capture moments with their friends. Additionally, personalized memorabilia, such as mugs and keychains, were distributed as souvenirs, creating lasting memories of the event.

7. Mr. and Miss Fresher Contest:

One of the highlights of the evening was the Mr. and Miss Fresher contest. Students competed in various categories, including talent, confidence, and personality. The winners were crowned and celebrated with great enthusiasm.


The Freshers’ Party at Sabarmati University was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the student organizers. It provided an excellent platform for students to mingle, showcase their talents, and create lifelong friendships. As the event concluded at 6:00 PM, students left with smiles on their faces, excited about the beginning of their academic journey at Sabarmati University.

The party was not just a celebration but also a testament to the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere at the university. It set a positive tone for the upcoming academic year, ensuring that the university’s new students felt welcomed and part of the Sabarmati University family from day one.