Deeksharam 2023 – Orientation Programme 1st August 2023

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Deeksharam 2023 – Orientation Programme 1st August 2023

Deeksharam 2023: The DEEKSHARAMBH (Orientation Programme) was organized by Sabarmati University on 1st August 2023 to welcome and introduce new students to the campus and its various departments. The event aimed to provide essential information to the incoming students and foster a sense of belonging to the university community. Coordinated by Dr. Sweety Patel, Dr. Bharti Tiwari, Dr. Sagar Vyas

Agenda and Activities at Deeksharam 2023:

  • Tilak Ceremony: – Conducted by: Dr. Suman Mishra, Dr. Bharti Tiwari
  • Stage Coordination / Anchoring: – Conducted by: Dr. Divya Bhadauriya, Dr. Reena Vihol, Miss. Sweta Patel
  • Light Lamping – Saraswati Vandana: – Conducted by: Dr. Dharini Gohil
  • Welcome to New Students: – Delivered by: Dr. Vishal Gupta
  • About the University & About the Departments: – Presented by: Dr. Rachna Mishra
  • Guest Lecture: – Speaker: Sweta Upadhya
  • About Anti-ragging: – Presented by: Dr. Sunita Chauhan, Mr. Ravi Vyas
  • About NSS Programme: – Presented by: Dr. Priyanka Bhatt
  • Open Mic for Students: – Hosted by: Dr. Reena Vihol
  • One Minute Games for New Students: – Organized by: Mr. Bhuvanendran V.B, Dr. Krushna Chetty, Mr. Vipul Patel
  • Vote of Thanks: – Delivered by: Dr. Prachi Shah
  • Group Photographs: – Captured by: Mr. Jeet Dholkiya, Mr. Aniket Parmer
  • Refreshments Distribution: – Handled by: Dr. Satyaprakash Diwedi, Miss. Jigisha Raj, Mr. Saurabh
  • Campus Visit by Senior Students: – Conducted by: Dr. Reena Vihol, Ankit Bharthi, Chandra Shekhar

Highlights & Key Takeaways:

The DEEKSHARAMBH Orientation Programme was a resounding success, with the following key highlights:

  • Engaging and informative sessions about the university, its departments, and the NSS programme.
  • A motivational guest lecture by Sweta Upadhya.
  • An interactive session with new students through the open mic and games.
  • Emphasis on anti-ragging awareness and its prevention.
  • A sense of camaraderie fostered through group photographs and the campus visit by senior students.
  • Positive feedback from attendees expressing their excitement and readiness to begin their academic journey.

Challenges Faced:

The event went smoothly overall, with minimal challenges. However, there were some minor logistical issues, such as managing the refreshments distribution efficiently and coordinating the group photographs.

Feedback and Evaluation:

Feedback forms were distributed to the attendees, and the overall response was overwhelmingly positive. The participants appreciated the well-organized event and found the information provided to be helpful and insightful.

Recommendations for Future Events:

Based on the feedback received, the following recommendations are suggested for future orientation programmes:

  • Improved management of refreshments distribution to avoid any delays.
  • Ensuring adequate time for the group photographs to include all attendees.
  • Encouraging more student engagement activities and interactive sessions.

The DEEKSHARAMBH Orientation Programme achieved its objective of welcoming and acquainting new students with the university community. It set a positive tone for their academic journey at Sabarmati University and left them motivated and enthusiastic about their future endeavors.

Glimpses at Deeksharam 2023