Celebrating Constitution Day at Sabarmati University: A Day of Reflection, Knowledge, and Commemoration

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Celebrating Constitution Day at Sabarmati University: A Day of Reflection, Knowledge, and Commemoration

Sabarmati University, formerly known as Calorx Teachers’ University, marked the significance of Constitution Day on November 29, 2023. The School of Law organized a thoughtful program, commencing with a prayer and recitation of shlokas from the Holy book “Shree mad Bhagvat Geeta.”

Distinguished Participants: The esteemed gathering included Dr. K.B. Vyas, Provost I/C, Dr. Jyoti Srivastava, Registrar, Dean Academics Dr. Parshuram Dhakad of Sabarmati University, and the honored guest, Advocate Piyushbhai Daxini. Mr. Ravi Vyas played the role of host, extending a warm welcome to all present.

Event Highlights:

  1. Quiz Competition: A quiz competition organized by the School of Law featured two spirited teams – B.R. Ambedkar Team and Kanhaiyalal Munshi Team. The Kanhaiya Lal Munshi team emerged victorious, adding an element of excitement to the event. Certificates and tokens of appreciation were presented to the participants.
  2. Guest Speech by Advocate Piyushbhai Daxini: Advocate Piyushbhai Daxini, from the Gujarat High Court, delivered an enlightening speech focusing on Fundamental Rights and Duties, supplemented by relevant examples. The engaging discourse captivated the audience, comprising more than 50 members.
  3. Insights on Fundamental Rights by Dr. Sunita Chauhan: Dr. Sunita Chauhan, Head of the Law Department, elaborated on the invaluable fundamental rights of the Indian Constitution, particularly delving into Article 21 and its sub-article “Right to Forgotten.” Landmark judgments were also discussed, enriching the audience’s understanding.
  4. Preamble Chanting: A collective recitation of the “Preamble of India” resonated throughout the seminar hall, symbolizing unity and allegiance to the nation’s foundational principles.
  5. Vote of Thanks by Dr. Vivek Siddhu: Dr. Vivek Siddhu, Director of the School of Law, expressed gratitude in the closing moments, emphasizing the importance of Article 39(d) from the Directive Principles of State Policy. This article highlights the pursuit of equality of employment opportunity between men and women.
  6. Program Management by Ms. Laxmi Tiwari: The seamless orchestration of the entire program was attributed to Ms. Laxmi Tiwari, ensuring a smooth and organized flow of events.

The Constitution Day celebration at Sabarmati University was a day of reflection, knowledge sharing, and commemoration. The event not only fostered a deeper understanding of constitutional principles but also highlighted the university’s commitment to nurturing informed and responsible citizens.