Awareness Program on Drug Abuse 21-07-2023

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Awareness Program on Drug Abuse 21-07-2023

An Awareness Program on Drug Abuse was organized by the NSS Wing of Sabarmati University at Nirmaan High School, Lapkaman Village, Taluka Daskroi, District Ahmedabad. The event aimed to educate and sensitize students about the dangers of drug abuse, its impact on individuals and society, and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. The event witnessed an encouraging response, with more than 30 students from Nirmaan High School actively participating in the program.

The event was graced by the presence of the school principal, Mr. Maheshbhai S. Patel and teachers Vinodbhai R. Parmar and Harshdbhai R. Chauhan who were presented with momentos as a token of respect and gratitude from the organizers. The NSS volunteers played a vital role in ensuring the seamless execution of the event. They collaborated with esteemed faculty members, including Dr. Meghna Dey, Dr. Priyanka Kumari Bhatt, Dr. Dilip Chaudhari, Dr. Jigisha Raj, Dr. Snehal Patel, Mr. Vipul N. Patel, and Mr. Sunil Rabari, who actively supported the program.

The Awareness Program on Drug Abuse featured the following activities:

  • – Interactive Presentations: Informative presentations were delivered by experts and volunteers to raise awareness about the various aspects of drug abuse, its consequences, and preventive measures.
  • – Open Discussions: Engaging discussions were held, allowing students to share their thoughts, concerns, and queries related to drug abuse.
  • – Awareness Literature Distribution: Pamphlets and brochures were distributed among the attendees, providing additional information and resources for further learning.

The event received positive feedback from the attendees, with many expressing their appreciation for the informative and engaging sessions. The program succeeded in creating awareness among the students about the adverse effects of drug abuse and the importance of making healthy life choices.

To further enhance the impact of such awareness programs, the organizers are encouraged to:

  • – Organize follow-up sessions or workshops to reinforce the knowledge gained during the event.
  • – Collaborate with local authorities and NGOs to extend the reach of future programs.

The Awareness Program on Drug Abuse conducted by Sabarmati University NSS Wing at Nirmaan High School was a commendable initiative that effectively conveyed crucial information to more than 30 students. Through interactive sessions and collaborations, the event succeeded in fostering a sense of responsibility among the attendees to combat drug abuse and promote a healthier and drug-free lifestyle.