Event Report: Awareness Program for Vote Casting (22th August 2022)

Awareness Program for Vote Casting
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Event Report: Awareness Program for Vote Casting (22th August 2022)

Awareness Program for Vote Casting: An essential component of a democratic nation like India is the right to vote. Many people in our country are entitled to vote, yet few enjoy doing so. The highest voter turnout in Indian election history was 67.11% in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.  The number of voters has increased favourably with each election. It is encouraging to see more people voting since every vote counts toward a better future for our nation.

The foundation of India’s democracy is founded on election outcomes. The people elect our legislatures and parliaments from among themselves. We are privileged to have the right to vote under the constitution. The ability to vote for whomever we want and to change our minds is protected by the constitution, which we take for granted.

A vote is a vote. Every vote matters, despite the overwhelming number of people who appear to be casting ballots. A large number of individuals voting will make a difference once the national mindset shifts away from the idea that “my vote doesn’t make a difference. “Every individual has a duty to fulfil. According to the government notice ELC/102022-398/CHH (SVEEP), students of Sabarmati University were informed and involved in different areas to spread awareness for vote casting.

The following themes were sorted up to make the event successful;

  • Voter list
  • Name
  • Registration, corrections (importance of the vote, voter, election as a festival in democracy or other song related to the voting process in Gujarat, Hindi or English.)
  • Importance of election in a democracy
  • Moral voting, the importance of voter list

Some of the selected pictures are selected here as references.

Awareness Program for Vote Casting