Sabarmati University Organised Science City Visit 2023

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Sabarmati University Organised Science City Visit 2023

Formerly, Calorx Teachers’ University

3rd AUGUST 2023

First-year students from various streams (B.A., B.Com, MBA, BBA, Pharmacy, B. Voc., B.Ed.)
Faculty Leaders: Ms. Sweta Patel and Mr. Aniket Parmar


A cohort of first-year students representing diverse academic disciplines embarked on an illuminating expedition to Science City, Ahmedabad. The primary aim was to immerse these young minds in the realm of cutting-edge robotics, marine biodiversity, and space technology, thereby enhancing their holistic learning experience.

Exploration of Robotics Department:

The students were treated to an extraordinary encounter at the Robotics Department. The advanced robotic intelligence equipment on display showcased the pinnacle of technological innovation. Through interactive demonstrations and insightful presentations, students gained profound insights into the practical applications and intricacies of modern robotics.

Aquatic Marvels and Penguin Delight:

The journey progressed to the captivating aquarium, a cornucopia of aquatic marvels. The diverse collection of fish species, coupled with the enchanting penguin enclave, provided an immersive education on marine ecosystems. This hands-on experience kindled a sense of wonder and curiosity among the students, transcending disciplinary boundaries.

Unveiling Space Technology:

The final chapter of this educational voyage led the students to explore captivating models of space shuttles and pioneering space technology. The intricate displays transported students to the outer realms of human achievement, igniting their imagination and igniting a passion for space exploration.

Interdisciplinary Enrichment:

The cross-disciplinary composition of the student group, spanning fields such as humanities, commerce, management, pharmacy, and education, encapsulated the spirit of holistic education. This visit embodied the essence of broad-based learning, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives converged for an enriching educational experience.

Reflections and Conclusion:

The visit to Science City, Ahmedabad, will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the students’ academic journey. It reinforced the significance of interdisciplinary learning while nurturing a deep appreciation for technological advancements, marine life, and space exploration. The leadership of the English department faculty members ensured a seamless and enlightening experience, underscoring the university’s commitment to holistic education.